Eco-Passport Oeko-Tex 2020
Monday, September 14, 2020
Eptainks commitment to sustainability takes a further step, thanks to the updating of OEKO-TEX® ECO PASSPORT certified products.

ECO PASSPORT di OEKO-TEX® is an independent certification for chemicals, dyes and accessories used in the production of fabrics and leather goods. To be certified, each product must meet the stringent requirements of the standard and not be harmful in any way for human health or the environment.

ECO PASSPORT is a guarantee of quality and attention to sustainability in the inks formulation; this is why it is highly appreciated by the main international fashion brands, increasingly attentive to sustainable textile production.

Here below the updated lists of certified products:

Certificato RM150 141173

FREE 3D Transparent
FREE Anti Bleeding
Texilac APS Trasparente
Texpri 19-25 Anti Bleeding WB
Texpri Transparent PK27
Texpri Transparent PK27 Matt
Texpri 05-17 Bianco Lu-Ki
Texiflock E-FF
Hardener Eco
Ecotex Fix 70
Texpri 07-19 White Eco P
Aquatech FF White
Aquatech FF Clear
Aquatech FF No Bleeding
AQUA Base 3D
Texilac PO-E-FF Bianco
Texilac PO-E-FF Extra Bianco
Texilac PO-E-FF Trasparente
Texiplast GT Transparent
Texiplast 7000 White Super Bright
Texiplast 7000 White Flash Cure

Certificato RM150 141052

FREE Standard Colours
FREE Flash White
FREE Transparent
FREE Process Colours

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