• EPTANOVA offer for Leisure industry includes a wide range of solvent based inks and UV inks developed for screen printing, pad printing and digital printing.


Leisure Industry
EPTAINKS – Leisure Industry inks

EPTANOVA offer for leisure industry – and its various application segments – includes solvent based inks and UV inks, as well as a wide range of inks for the sports textile. The products are developed for screen printing, pad printing and digital printing.

With our brand Manoukian Argon, KFGVisprox and Verojet we guarantee maximum print quality on different substrates and surfaces, including plastics, paper, metals and fabrics.

All our inks are designed to combine strong resistances – essential feauture for objects subjected to continuous chemical and mechanical stresses - and brilliant aesthetic with maximum safety: we combine functionality and design to offer your business the best solution for your every need.

The products manufacture, as well as the selection of raw materials, places particular attention to the users and environment protection, respecting the most rigorous standards.

We also provide specialized technical support about inks, printing processes and application solutions, to clarify our customers doubts and questions quickly and effectively.

Enjoy your time while practicing a sport or playing with your kids: with our products you can feel cool as a sports idol and strong like a superhero!

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