• EPTANOVA develops and supplies security inks for brands and documents protection: we ensure products integrity against any fraud or counterfeiting attempt.


Security Industry
EPTAINKS – Security Industry inks

EPTANOVA develops, manufactures and supplies security inks for brands and documents protection: thanks to our experience and expertise, we ensure product integrity and authenticity against any fraud or counterfeiting attempt.

A group of specialized professionals supports and advises our clients in selecting the most safe and effective solution to protect their business: our wide range of application technology is able to identify and authenticate any object or sensitive information, protecting your brand and ensuring its value.

All our security inks are developed to withstand frequent stresses, both physical and chemical, and follow the more stringent rules for health and environment protection.

The technological complexity of the formulations is related to the specific safety function required, the target market and the tools needed for authentication.

EPTANOVA offers a full range of specialty inks suitable for different printing processes and multiple surfaces to ensure maximum safety, reliability and security for your business: UV and IR fluorescent inks, phosphorescent inks, thermochromic inks, magnetic inks, pearlescent inks, OVI inks and scratch-off inks.

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