• EPTANOVA develops and manufactures specific inks and coatings for graphic printing in the Signage industry: promotionals printing, advertising, traffic signs, neons and banners.


Glass Finishing
Glass Finishing

Nowadays visual communication has taken on an increasingly importance, spreading in all fields and for any use: images, real or virtual, surrounds us everywhere and are used for information intents, to signal a warning or for marketing purposes.

EPTANOVA develops and manufactures specific inks and coatings for graphic printing in the Signage industry: in particular our products – solvent-based, UV and for off-set processes – find application for promotional and gadget printing, small and large format advertising, traffic signs, neons, banners and for publishing.

The inks are suitable for a variety of substrates decoration such as plastic, paper and cardboard, wood, metals and glass. Each product is designed to ensure a long durability and strong resistance to physical, chemical and atmospheric stress.

We deserve a particular attention to precision and quality: our solutions assure fine details and brilliant and bright colors results to attract attention, inform and entertain through a compelling visual experience.

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