Products for PCB, Membrane Switches and Stretchable Electronics

Eptatech has inherited the historical role of Eptanova Community as the supplier of products for printing of rigid and flexible circuits for PCB and Membrane switches. Besides this, the Business Brand has introduced a range of manufactured products for stretchable electronics applications in the Smart Clothing and Wearable fields.

Eptatech proposal can meet customers’ requirements in the following fields:

Membrane Switches and Flexible circuits where EPTATECH acts as sole point of purchase and offers a complete range of third parties products, from printing substrates (circuit and cover films) to functional inks (conductive, resistive, dielectric) that are manufactured by the market-leading brand Henkel. EPTATECH offer can support resistive and capacitive technologies as well as “touch & detection” innovative technology – thanks to the use of FSR (Force Sensitive Resistor) inks – or heating elements – thanks to PTC (Positive Temperature Coefficient) inks.

PCB where Eptatech has inherited the historical presence of the brand Manoukian-Argon in the Italian market

Functional Coating, Eptatech is Henkel distributor in Italy for conductive paints for anti-magnetic shielding of electronic components.

Stretchable Electronics: Eptatech has combined its knowledge in the Printed Electronics filed with the wide expertise of Eptanova Community in the textile printing industry: the result is the development of a new inks for printing of “stretchable” electronics on fabrics. The offered solution includes conductive and protective inks, that are elastic and washing resistant. One of the distinguishing features of this solution is the use of transfer printing technology

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