• Silicone inks are used for pigments screen printing, with different applications in the textile industry.

The siliconics are bi-component inks – in fact they require a catalyst – comply with the strictest environmental standards for the environment and users protection: they are free from PVC, phthalates, heavy metals and formaldehyde, verifiable according to the Oeko-Tex standard.

These products are particularly suitable for sportswear decoration thanks to their elasticity and resistance. They are also versatile – can be applied on high temperatures sensitive substrates – and, as plastisol inks, do not dry at room temperature, ensuring stability in the screen.

Our range of silicone inks has, in addition to catalysts, a wide set of products: transparent, white, bases, fashion effects and pigments. Using them it’s possible to obtain various special effects, such as puff effects and 3D effects.


EPTAINKS – Texisil series

Textile Printing
Textile printing brochure

Texisil – Colours Chart
Texisil – Colours Chart (Manoukian Argon)

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