• Plastisol inks are used in screen printing to obtain excellent coverage and high printability.

Among the benefits of printing with plastisol inks there is the possibility of working on all substrates able to withstand a temperature of 160°, both in the wet-on-wet or wet-on-dry process (depending on the kind of product: transparent, opaque or semi-opaque).

Plastisol versatility of application is accompanied by a strong stability in the screen: the inks do not dry at room temperature but require an oven for curing. This makes possible the production of large print runs, without needing expensive downtime for the cleaning of the frames.

Our plastisol are free of phthalates and are ideal to achieve different printing effects with the addition of some specific products: gloss effect, 3D effect, puff printing and glitter printing.

Our wide range offers a variety of products – whites, colored series, special effects, additives and adhesives – to meet all your needs in the field of screen printing.


Textile Printing
Textile printing brochure

Plastisol & PVC Free inks – Colours Chart
Plastisol & PVC Free inks – Colours Chart (Manoukian Argon)

Seriplastik – Colours Chart
Seriplastik (Plastisol) – Colours Chart (KFG)

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