ZDHC Eptainks
Monday, June 15, 2020
The company has joined the ZDHC program to minimize the use of harmful substances in the textile supply chain and has been certified Level 3, the highest available

ZDHC, acronym for Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, is a program aimed at minimizing the use of dangerous and harmful substances in the complex system of the textile supply chain. The purpose is to take the world textile industry towards more ethical and sustainable processes.

Eptainks has enthusiastically joined the program ZDHC thanks to its long-term commitment aimed at refusing the usage of those materials that can be dangerous for humans, and to find increasingly respectful solutions for the environment.

On the ZDHC Gateway it is possible to find a list of compliant and approved products by Eptainks. Using these products it is possible to to work in compliance with environmental regulations required by the major brands.

The list of products approved by ZDHC includes, among others, FREE, AQUA, Texilac E-LF, Texilac PO-E-FF, Texilac Mono a Freddo, Texilac APS Trasparente, Texiflock E-FF, UR ECF 3500

Furthermore, Eptainks has obtained the ZDHC Level 3 certification (the highest available) from an independent body: it ensures that the products sold by the company are not only free from all substances considered dangerous for health and the environment, but also that in all product development and production processes the highest levels of quality and sustainability are operated.

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