6 Aug 2018
New Colormatic Hi-Gloss Carbogloss

Starting from October 2018, the AMC color bases for the solvent-based glossy vinyl series - 26.000 Carbogloss and 35.000 Hi-Gloss - will no longer be produced and will be replaced by the new "Colormatic" bases.

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7 May 2018
Ledjet 4.0

The first digital UV inks for digital printing safe for users' health.

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28 Mar 2018
Verotex acid inks

EPTAINKS DIGITAL has launched its new acid dyes for digital textile printing.

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14 Oct 2020
EPTAINKS Light Diffusing Ink

An innovative transparent ink for screen printing on glass and plastics, that becomes visible only when enlightened by coloured LEDs

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7 Jul 2017
Repro Screen emulsions

EPTATECH offer in the new Repro Screen emulsions range includes eight new products, each with specific features, suitable for screen making for both textile and graphic printing.

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7 Jul 2017

Five new ready-to-use fluorescent colors (yellow, orange, red, cerise, green) have been added to PVC FREE plastisol inks series.

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