EPTAINKS Light Diffusing Ink
Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Light Diffusing Ink (LDI) is a product for screen printing on optically transparent glass – also suitable for plastic surface printing – that is visible only through a dedicated LED illumination. The printed image is in fact invisible in natural/artificial light condition or without any lighting, turning coloured only when the LED source, located at the edges of the transparent substrate, is switched on. The final effect is therefore that of a "light ink" capable of spreading the light of the LEDs, whatever color it is, resulting in graphics with a strong visual impact.

The potential of this product and its practical applications are numerous and particularly interesting in the Signage and Habitat Industries. Furthermore, Light Diffusing Ink facilitates and enhances the functionality of LEDs that, thanks to their energy high efficiency and low impact on the environment, will soon replace the traditional light sources.

From a technical point of view, Light Diffusing Ink is a two-component solvent-based ink, with high chemical and outdoor resistance, excellent flexibility and adhesion: the product exists in two formulations, one for plastic (LDI FOR PLASTIC) and one for glass (LDI FOR GLASS).

To find out more and get more details, you can look up at the LDI presentation. Moreover you can find and read here under two technical articles about the new ink that have been published on Glass Worldwide and Specialist Printing.

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