Repro Screen emulsions
Friday, July 7, 2017

EPTATECH offer in the new Repro Screen emulsions range includes eight new products, each with specific features, suitable for screen making for both textile and graphic printing:

  • Zenit: diazo traditional emulsion with a significant quality level in textile applications, both with plastisol and water based inks;
  • SR Dual: new formulation pre-polymers emulsion suitable for screens making, to be used with solvent based inks and conventional curable UV products, it presents a good outline definition and adequate exposure latitude;
  • Geminus and Polygel: dual-cure emulsions with a wide range of applications, “multifunctional” for textile and graphic applications
  • Unica, Electa, Optima and Pulxar: one-pot pure polymer products that, in addition to the fast reactivity to UV light which reduces exposure times during the irradiation process, adds ease of use, excellent definition and remarkable print resistance.

Auxiliary products for cleaning and recovery of the screen have also been updated:

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