• Sublimation inks are used – integrated in screen printing and offset printing processes – to achieve color intensity, fastness and a complete absence of hand and tack.

In the sublimation process indeed – which can only take place on 100% synthetic fabrics – the ink does not simply "stand" on the final substrate, but it penetrates completely in the fiber: the transfer process takes place via the passage of the product from solid state – printed on a paper support – to gaseous (via temperature variation, humidity and pressure), and then again to the solid state, by means of a press or a calender, on the fabric that acts like a "sponge" that is impregnated by the ink itself.

Not-synthetic fabrics sublimation takes place using a polyester base primer, white or transparent, which also makes printable surfaces such as glass, wood, metals and ceramics.

Sublimation inks, in addition to high quality and excellent mechanical and chemical resistance results, have a low environmental impact, being particularly eco-friendly and complying with the most stringent standards in environmental protection field.

The most common applications are in the fashion industry printing, especially for women's fashion, and sports sector, for clothing and equipment decorations – particularly for skiing and snowboarding – that don’t interfere with the athlete performance.

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