Epta Inks sustainability

"I need to know, to be an aware consumer"

The respect for the environment is our responsibility

EPTANOVA designs and develops products that minimize environmental impact, with a specific attention on raw materials selection and industrial processes.

It is essential to provide our customers with accurate, non-misleading and scientifically correct information on every developed product and activity: we are available to clarify the terms and concepts we daily use in the business, from printing processes to finished products realization.

Sustainability and textile world

Global players in the textile market, in particular, must demonstrate their commitment towards the community, respecting their social responsibility.

It is therefore essential to limit the risks, providing maximum security and control over every activity: the first step is to ensure compliance with the environmental standards and international eco-toxicological regulations.

EPTAINKS and textile world: what we do

In EPTAINKS we can provide our customers with Compliance Declaration, issued by SHEQ, for each standard for which we have decided to homologate: CLEAR TO WEAR, GOTS and OEKO-TEX®.

You can find them in the technical data sheets and other information materials we provide you about our products and application technologies.

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