Fespa Coffee Break about Sustainibility
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Building solid partnerships and virtuous circles are important challenges on the road to sustainability: for this reason Eptainks and Coveme have decided to collaborate and combine their respective skills, focusing in particular on sustainable materials and products for transfers in the textile printing.

This issue was the theme at the center of the webinar, organized within the FESPA Coffee Break events, held on January 19th; you can watch to the full webinar here below:

Our professionals will also talk about strategies for the progressive reduction of raw materials deriving from fossil sources, to instead take a path focused on biological materials in a circular economy perspective.

This vision has guided the development of BIO inks by Eptainks, water-based inks for textile printing, produced starting from processing waste of vegetable origin; a new paradigm that the company is pursuing with great conviction, aware of the importance of a production that is increasingly oriented towards sustainability and attention for future generations.

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