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Monday, November 2, 2020
A high-quality decoration technology on various materials and 3D surfaces

DipPrint® is a technology for ennobling complex materials and shapes, with the guarantee of high quality results in different application sectors. Its flexibility allows the decoration of three-dimensional surfaces in plastic, metal, wood and more.

Thanks to specific inks applied on water-soluble films it is possible to "fix" textures and decorations on objects, making them adhere perfectly to the shape and keeping the original design unaltered.

DipPrint® also reduces the environmental impact, with manufacturing processes that do not require chemical residues to be disposed of.

The technology can be applied in different industrial segments.

Modern and geometric patterns for interiors, applied directly on ABS protected by a transparent film, to guarantee resistance and a high degree of gloss.

Camouflage and woods for applications on external bodywork (quads and snow mobiles) with high resistance to UV rays, thanks both to the inks used for printing the film and the paints used for the base and the clearcoat.

Wood and marble patterns typically applied on metal sheets (base coat + DipPrint® + transparent), used as technical and aesthetic solutions to ensure lightness and safe applications (deck ceiling coating). MED certifications for salt spray resistance and UV resistance.

Veins wood for interior decoration of business and first class (Emirates) on planes and helicopters. High quality clearcoat applied even with several hands to guarantee a "lens" effect and high resistance.

Sports equipment
Helmets, bicycles, bows and weapons, various finishes applied on different substrates to ennoble materials with high quality aesthetic results.

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