Monday, April 23, 2018

A new collaboration between EPTANOVA and Bahir Dar University, in Ethiopia


Continuing its historic vocation for collaboration with important research centers all over the world, EPTANOVA has established a relationship with EITEX, Ethiopian Institute of Textile and Fashion Technology, within Bahir Dar University in Ethiopia.

EITEX deals with the professional training of students in the field of the textile industry, with particular attention to textile printing technologies, a quickly growing market in the African country. The institute has great ambitions and aims to become one of the most important centers for research and education in the entire continent by 2025.

Bahir Dar University is already recognized as a center of excellence and a point of reference in the academic environment of the region, with more than three thousand registered students and the prospect of exceeding five thousand in the coming years that make it the largest Ethiopian university and one of the biggest in Africa. Quality and innovation are reflected in the investments of the study center, with an expansion already underway that envisages the expansion of the laboratories and the creation of a production center within the campus structure.

The project of collaboration between EPTANOVA and EITEX - also witnessed by the gift of some screen printing machines and the visit to Italy, to Luisago, of some representatives of the university - opens up several business opportunities in Africa, thanks to the bond of institute with numerous industrial realities of the continent.

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