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High Tech

Pre-sensitized diazo capillary film for solvent based and plastisol inks applications requiring heavy ink deposits.


Diazo films are direct-positive contact films for ammonia development.


Silver based photosensitive films.


Inks for electrical protection of copper, pond, silver and gold slopes.


Substrates to realize transfer packs, polyuretanic films on polyester substrates suitable for carving and heat transfer.


Conductive inks with relative low conductivity for the realization of printed circuit components even with high-speed printing processes.


Selected polyester films range for membrane switches production.


Inks used for bonding electrical/electronic components.


Conformal coating materials protect PCBs and advanced substrates from adverse environmental conditions.


Polyester films for the realization of user graphical interface components of membrane switches.


Inks for the realization of electrically insulating protections of printed circuits.


Screen printing inks for UV and hot air curing.


Conductive inks for the realization of printed tracks, whose resistance varies according to the intensity of the pressure exerted on it.


Optimized clear polyester film for professional inkjet printing.


Conductive paints for spray application for antistatic coatings or electromagnetic shielding.


High conductivity inks using silver particles as functional material.


Highly conductive carbon stretchable inks for stretchable electronics


Water-based, transparent, one-component, stretchable encapsulant ink


Water-based, white, one-component, stretchable encapsulating ink with high solid content


Highly conductive silver stretchable inks for stretchable electronics


Inks for manufacturing printed tracks whose resistance varies as the temperature changes to a predetermined temperature threshold, at which the resistance and, consequently, the temperature stabilize.